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The brand "01EH21X1" was launched during the lockdown despite the pandemic hitting the global economy.  

This breakout threw a question to us: 

"What are our real desires and needs?" 

This is where 01EH21X1's missions lie. 


We aim at defining the new concept of luxury: more sustainable to Earth, more conscious of the social context, and sensible of the actual needs. 


Scientific models [1] reveal how much the pandemic response affected pollution, showing that there is also human behavior-driven contribution to it. 


Luxury, for us, is to let Earth breathe fresh air again and to revive it from mistakes made by industrialization. To give pre-loved gorgeous immaculate items a second life is one of our missions. Our team has been put together in order to select and prep the finest pieces around the world for our customers.
Luxury, indeed, should be the fusion of different cultures worldwide.


Luxury is, selecting the exceptional products amongst the best. From which only the unrecognized, family-run firms' products are chosen, in order to collaborate and help small businesses. This way they can carry on their ancestral passion, philosophy and love beyond generations.

Luxury is, craftsmanship passed down over centuries, which has been kept safe from the cold precision of automatons. The craftsmanship and creativity of our artisans endow every single piece with sophisticated genuine quality and uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Luxury is, the knowledge we have gained from scientific and technological development.
And, we can use such knowledge for the enhancement of ourselves, people. We are certain that there are marvellous ways to create an innovative piece of clothing that could be essential.  


Luxury is, a virtuous circle where we can return what we have received. By collaborating with people who might have been forgotten with this pandemic, including those young souls who feel their future got threatened by the pandemic and those elderly people who have been left alone at their home. 


Luxury, for us, means to do what our heart tells us to do. 


This is what luxury is to us. 


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